Understand the Bible. Transform your faith.

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Have you ever struggled to understand the Bible and feel connected to the storyline?

Well, you're not alone. The Bible is complicated. Everyone is trying to understand it, and we want to help! We use 5-minute videos to make the ancient Scriptures become real to you and change what it means to follow Jesus today.

5 minute videos to enrich your understanding of the Bible

Develop your faith with parable-style teaching and personal application

Experience the land of the Bible and connect with Israel online

will take you where Jesus walked and performed miracles.

You will learn how challenging, thrilling, normal, and supernatural life was in the context of the Old and the New Testament, from the wilderness through Jerusalem and across the Sea of Galilee.

Although thousands of years have passed, you can watch the Bible come alive today from the land of Israel.

Pilot Season

  • Episode 1

    Where Is God When Life Is Hard?


  • Episode 2

    What Does Psalm 23 Really Mean?


  • Episode 3

    Does God Really Care?


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IsraelU is a project of Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries, a U.S. 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization based in Jerusalem, Israel. Your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

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Episode 1

Where Is God When Life Is Hard

5 minutes

Ever wondered where God is when life gets hard? In this episode of IsraelU, we show you that when you're in a desert season ... don't ask God WHEN can I get out of the desert, ask God WHAT can I get out of the desert!

Episode 2

What Does Psalm 23 Really Mean?

5 minutes

What does Psalm 23 really mean? What is a "green pasture"? What are "paths of righteousness"? Get ready to have a new understanding of this famous Psalm!

Episode 3

Does God Really Care?

5 minutes

Does God really care about us? What do authors of the Bible mean when they described God as a "shepherd", and how does that answer the question of whether or not God care about each of us?

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